Auto Import

SublimeRope offers auto importing features through Rope library. It looks for possible imports from the project starting with the prefix under the cursor.

In order to use auto import you should look for Rope: Import Assist in the Control Palette or just add a shortcut in your configuration. We provide a serie of possible Key Bindings in this Documentation as well.

Auto Import Improvements

When Auto Import Improvements are enabled all the undefined words in the current file should be checked (in a different thread) looking for an auto import for them. If SublimeRope finds a possible autoimport for them should show you so you can choose it and the import will be automatically applied to your file.

You can disable Auto Import Improvements in your SublimeRope’s settings file just setting the use_autoimport_improvements to false if you feels that its slowing down your ST2.

Some Considerations

The list of modules that you will get when doing auto import is determined by the Cache Mechanisms in SublimeRope.